A college’s integration which produced a U.S. Supreme Court justice, and one of the nation’s top trial lawyers

Fraternity by Diane Brady

Fraternity by Diane Brady

Yesterday NBC News’ “Today Show” aired a report on the integration of the College of the Holy Cross one of the nation’s most respected liberal arts colleges. The story focused on a newly released book Fraternity which, chronicles Father John Brooks, S.J.‘s efforts to help integrate the elite New England college. Among the men who would go on to attend the college are a Supreme Court Justice, Justice Clarence Thomas, and one of the nation’s most respected attorneys, Theodore “Ted” Wells.

Correspondent Craig Melvin’s report reflects on Father Brooks’ motivations, the journey of the remarkable men who made the distinctive journey, and their reflections decades later.

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To learn more about Fraternity and the special bond the men share you can visit the special section on the Holy Cross website, read an excerpt of the book on TodayShow.com, or purchase the book on Amazon.com.


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