Above The Law: The Duke Law Race Survey

Above The Law is the hardest working blawg on the internet (we wonder if anyone over there has mastered James Brown’s signature split).  Their writers do not shy away from controversy and are wont to “fan the flames of” discuss matters involving race.  In addition to providing extensive coverage of Young v. Covington, they have brought us The Harvard Email Controversy, news that the University of Texas Considers Renaming a Dorm Honoring a Klansman Law Professor, and a Wisconsin judge’s forrays into Willie Horton shenanigans. This summer they posed the intriguing questions: What makes a law firm “black and How Should Years of Wrongful Imprisonment Be Valued?

Naturally, they broke this story:  Duke Law School Asks:  Why Do Black People Hate Us?

From ATL:

A tipster reports that Duke Law has been sending around a questionnaire to the few minority students currently at the school. It aims to figure out what recruiters should tell minority students thinking about matriculating to Duke Law.

ATL editor, Elie Mystal, applauds Duke’s attempt to explore how minorities feel about life on campus then goes on to poke a little fun at the school voted by ATL readers as The Douchiest Law School in the Nation.  All jokes aside, we know these issues are serious and welcome your thoughts on the survey.


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