Bernette Johnson Named Chief Justice of Louisiana Supreme Court

We’ve been following the tug-of-war between Judge Bernette Johnson and La. Gov. Bobby Jindal over Judge Johnson’s rightful promotion to chief justice. The 5th Circuit issued their decision yesterday. From USA TODAY:

The racial dynamics of the case reverberated outside Louisiana. A long list of elected officials and civil rights advocates, including the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, called for Johnson to get the position. The New York Times published two editorials supporting her, one of which called the dispute an “unsettling example of how power can trample voting rights even where they should be sacrosanct.”
The court said its ruling was based strictly on the law.
“Although commentators have loudly emphasized them, factors which we do not ascribe any importance to in answering the constitutional question before us include issues of gender, geography, personality, philosophy, political affiliation, and race — all of which have the potential to inflame passion,” the court said.



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