BigLaw Loves Howard Law School

2815611641_952c380487The National Law Journal (NLJ250) is out today with its Law Schools Report. The report contains a lot of what we already knew–hiring in law firms is improving but not yet at peak levels; many firms love Harvard most of all; and law schools are using temporary “gap” hiring programs to ease the strain on their hiring statistics.  But here’s something we didn’t know.

dsc_0217aHoward Law School is ranked 31st on the list of law schools that yielded the highest percentage of graduates hired by BigLaw. They get a higher percentage of grads into BigLaw than the law schools at Maryland, Wisconsin, UNC, and even the University of Houston.  Of the 50 law schools on the list, Howard Law, at $24,490 is also nearly the cheapest!

ChelseyIn addition to packing them in at large law firms, Howard Law has a long list of distinguished alums.  There was the nation’s first black Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, but Howard can also boast political insider Vernon Jordan, former Virginia governor and Richmond mayor, Doug Wilder, DC’s likely to return former mayor, Adrian Fenty, and lest we forget the beautiful and charming 2008 runner up in the Miss District of Columbia pageant, Chelsey Rodgers.


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