Christie Love and J. Lee Hill Jr. Wed

slavew51Sunday’s New York Times featured a delightful story on the courtship and wedding of Christie Love and J. Lee Hill Jr.  The two jumped the broom Valentine’s Day Weekend.

About their first encounter:

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘Lord, I hope she comes over and says something to me, because I don’t have the nerve to say anything to her,’ ” he said.

He would later learn that Ms. Love, a Columbia-educated staff lawyer at Advocates for Children of New York, was steps ahead of him. Before inviting him to the event, she had checked out Mr. Hill’s biography on the Web site for Riverside Church in New York, where he is the youth pastor for the 3,000-member congregation. Based on his smiling online photo, she deemed him to be “goofy.” But in person, “he was a lot cuter,” she said.

With a preacher and a lawyer for parents, those kids should have some killer oratory skills.  A slideshow of the couple’s ceremony at Riverside Church’s Gothic cathedral and their reception at the River Room in Harlem.


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