Friday Early Reads

Here’s a list of some stories we bookmarked and we felt worth giving a read early this A.M.


Developing News
John A. Payton President and Director-Counsel of NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Dead At 65

On Trayvon Martin
The Tragedy Of Trayvon Martin : Fact Sheet {Think Progress}

Holder has become voice of the president on controversial racial issues {The Washington Post}

Rep. Allen West blasts handling of Martin shooting case {Politico}

Trayvon Martin shooting: Black leaders press White House {Politico}

‘Stand Your Ground': Miami Judge Decides Fatal Stabbing Was Self-Defense {NPR}

On Healthcare
Analysis: Why U.S. high court may uphold healthcare law {Reuters}

It’s Not About the Law, Stupid {Slate}

Cases of Note
Justices’ Ruling Expands Rights of Accused in Plea Bargains {NY Times}

NYS law requires two forms of bail for defendants: Court of Appeals {Reuters}

Law Journals
Darren Hutchinson from American University, Washington College of Law suggests “Race and Self-Defense: Toward a Normative Conception of Reasonableness” by George Washington University Law Professor Cynthia Lee

Jobs, Appointments
DeMaurice Smith reaffirmed as NFLPA executive director {}

President Obama Nominates Rainey Ransom Brandt to Serve on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia {WhiteHouse.Gov}


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