Friday Madness: Throw Away The Key?

OBABL continues with its summer roundup by bringing to you legal news horror stories…

Woman Recorded Video Of Toddler Smoking Pot WLWT

Mother Confessed to Killing Her Two Children Before Driving Car into River, Say Police CBSNews

Accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab fires lawyers, plans to represent self NYDailyNews

Uncle Found Guilty Of Raping, Killing Niece TurnTo23

Atlanta Child Murders: DNA Implicates Wayne Williams In Killing Case BV

Gunmen Shot, Kill Star Kennesaw State Basketball Player WXIA11

Children abused, killed as witches in Nigeria CNN

Former Drug Rehab Facility Employee Accused of Raping Patient NOLA

Two charged in ‘very disturbing’ Maryland killing CNN

Teen Shot 22 Times: Police NBCChicago

Grim Sleeper serial killer suspect known as nice, funny ‘fix-it’ man CNN

One crime, six trials and a 30-minute guilty verdict CNN


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