Hurricane Gustav again rains on ousted Rep. Jefferson

Longtime Congressman and HLS alum, William Jefferson, was voted out of office Saturday.  Some might say he was bested by an overpopulated field of black attorneys and terrible weather.  Vietnamese American, Anh “Joseph” Cao (R), inked out a victory in New Orleans, a city that was a strong black district pre-Hurricane Katrina.  In truth, Jefferson has been on borrowed time ever since the FBI found that loot in his freezer.  OBABL fears Jefferson’s troubles are far from over.  We see a bright orange jumpsuit is his future.  What we are most surprised and disappointed by is Jefferson’s inability to bestow this seat on one of his offspring.  This tactic was well executed by the parents of Rep. Kendrick B. Meek and The Honorable Harold Ford Jr.  Surely one of Jefferson’s five daughters was qualified (three are graduates of both Harvard College and HLS).  Foes of Affirmative Action will be happy to know that rather than depending on race, these girls had a legacy on which to rely.


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