Introducing Elliott Robinson: Executive Coach

headshot-tightOBABL is proud to introduce our new contributor, Elliott Robinson, who brings over 18 years of legal and business consulting experience to his position as Principal, Executive Advisor and Coach with Trove, Inc.  He has served as a trusted advisor for professionals across the business spectrum, including young professionals (Millennials, Gen X and Gen Y), attorneys (law firm, in-house counsel, sole practitioners), small business owners, medical professionals, political figures, IT professionals, non-profit leaders and corporate executives.

Elliott’s expertise includes executive coaching, management skills training, leadership development, conflict mediation (business and personal) as well as family and couples coaching.  He is certified in Trove’s industry leading T-Map assessment tool, which assists him in developing personalized coaching programs that strike at the core of his clients’ growth areas.

Through his blog, Wisdom of Love, Elliott helps readers answer the question, “How can I make my relationships more fulfilling?”  Here Elliott couples his unique brand of humor with Southern sensibility and addresses the topics of love, relationships and family.  You can follow Elliott on Twitter at: @ERobinsoncoach.

His first post appears below.

Avoid Attorney Burnout

Inside each of us is a desire to achieve something greater than our current circumstance.  Whether it comes in the form of a small inner voice or a loud crashing cymbal, it’s there.  All too often, we fail to respond to that voice because life has gotten or is getting in the way.

Long hours spent being billableA docket of cases that only seems to growPartner-track work without the partnership rewardColleagues who even a mother couldn’t loveLiving to work versus working to liveShuttling kids to practice while answering e-mailsA roster of high-maintenance clients wanting concierge-level servicePersistent stress, conflict and confrontation

…the life of a modern-day attorney aka “The Grind.”

Questions that Precede Burnout or Change

How do I stay motivated?Can I take a mental healthy month?How do I transcend from simply existing to thriving?What do I do when I come to the realization that I need a change…really soon?Why does every day feel like Groundhog’s Day?

The burnout rate for attorneys is amongst the highest of all professions, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Finding Peace in Purpose

One of the ways many attorneys and professionals have left “the grind” and moved towards a more fulfilling and balanced life is by working with an Executive Coach.

As an Executive Coach, I help clients answer the question, “Why am I on the planet?”  It helps us begin the process of exploration. During the coaching relationship, we talk about behaviors, needs and stressors. I assist clients in discovering unseen stumbling blocks while they unearth hidden strengths.

I work with them as they carve out the mental space needed to fight through life’s many demands. This kind of professional coaching is a valuable asset to career, life and leadership skill development. The coaching process helps to create lasting transformations.

Let me help you begin the transformation from The Grind to a “Life By Design and Not By Default.”

Begin today: Call (404-431-2117) –  E-mail (

Elliott Robinson, JD
Principal and Executive Coach – Trove, Inc.


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