Judge Eric Washington reappointed chief of D.C. Court of Appeals

D.C. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Eric Washington
The Honorable Eric Washington has been reappointed Chief Judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the district’s highest court. Washington has headed the nine member court since 2005, he was granted a second term as chief in 2009.

Washington’s designation was announced by the District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Commission.

The Commission outlined their view of Chief Judge Washington’s accomplishments, “Chief Judge Washington has been guided by the goals and strategies outlined in the Courts’ 2008—2012 Strategic Plan, Delivering Justice: Strategic Plan of the District of Columbia Courts, and will continue to be guided by the newly released Strategic Plan for 2013-2017, Open to All, Trusted by All, Justice for All. There have been significant improvements to the Court’s operations under Chief Judge Washington’s leadership over the past four years. For example, the Court of Appeals has installed a new case management system. The new case management system provides real time electronic access to the court’s dockets, including briefs, transcripts, and other filings critical to the resolution of cases pending before the Court of Appeals. The Court has also worked to encourage institutional litigants to file dispositive motions early in the appellate process, and has utilized senior judges more aggressively in the Court’s motions practice, thus giving active judges more time to work on drafting opinions in calendared cases. Through these and other initiatives, the Court of Appeals has reduced the median time on appeal for cases from 505 days in 2007 to 352 days in 2012.”

Before joining the Court of Appeals in 1999, he served for four years as a judge on the District of Columbia Superior Court, the district’s trial court.

Washington is a 1976 graduate of Tufts University and a 1979 graduate of the Columbia University School of Law. Prior to becoming a judge he was a law firm partner, legal counsel to a member of Congress, and as a government attorney in D.C.


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