Kodak Caves: Settles Race Disc. Lawsuit for $21 Mil

black-powerEastman Kodak will pay between $1,000 and $75,000 to over 3000 current and former employees. ¬†What’s left of the $21.4 million dollar settlement will be shared among attorneys.

From WaPo via AP:

The settlement comes a decade after Kodak paid $10 million in back wages and granted $3 million in annual raises to correct disparities in pay and promotions for black and female workers in some departments dating to 1996.

Plaintiffs in the 2004 lawsuit charged that the 1999 program did nothing to correct Kodak’s discriminatory practices and accused the company of maintaining “a work environment that is hostile to its African American employees.”

Plaintiffs said that in addition to being passed over for promotions, they were subject to racist comments from co-workers and supervisors and graffiti on bathroom walls, lockers and delivery trucks.


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