Law Firm Recruiter, Ron Jordan Offers OBABL Readers Career Advice

OBABL has heard from many attorneys and law students seeking career advice, so we’ve decided to partner with Ron Jordan, the founding Principal of Carter-White & Shaw. With more than thirteen years of experience in attorney placement and law firm mergers and acquisitions, Ron has successfully placed many law firm partners and facilitated mergers with major law firms.

Whether you’re just beginning your legal career, looking to transition to government, or reposition yourself after a firm layoff, Ron is hoping to help you sort through this legal career maze.

Post general career questions in the comments section or feel free to send your resume and query directly to Ron at

From the MCCA article Debunking the Mystique of Top 20 Law Schools

“GPAs don’t practice law. People practice law,” notes Ron Jordan, founding principal of Carter-White & Shaw. “Their various experiences, along with their theoretical background, will determine what type of lawyer they will become. Going to Harvard is not going to guarantee that you’re going to be successful.”

From article Agents of Change

Ron Jordan, senior principal director at Carter-White & Shaw, says during a recent day he received calls from a San Francisco firm asking for two attorneys, a firm in Minnesota that needs three attorneys, as well as a New Jersey firm on the lookout for three.

“One year ago, I would have had to solicit those calls,” said Jordan, who says he used to cold call law firms to generate business.


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