Obama Posse List (Eric Holder) Update

Update:  From WaPo

Holder, 57, was offered the job [of U.S. Attorney General] late last week and tentatively accepted it, sources said. The Obama team intends to make the nomination official if he receives at least moderate support from Republican lawmakers and completes the vetting process, the sources said. Intermediaries began to reach out to Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, and the vetting pace accelerated yesterday.

Eric Holder

Eric Holder

This month the American Bar Assoication’s (ABA) magazine makes some legal picks for an Obama Administration.  We’re taking a look at the black lawyers featured therein and making a few predictions of our own.  Full list here.

Eric Holder – Attorney General

Columbia College
Columbia Law School
Currently: Partner, Covington & Burling

Frankly, Eric Holder is over qualified for this job. Peep some of what the ABA had to say:

Holder and Obama have been friends since they hit it off at a dinner party in 2004… Holder was fresh out of law school when he was assigned to the newly formed public integrity section of the Justice Department.

President Reagan nominated him to a D.C. judgeship and he was later tapped by President Clinton to serve as D.C.’s U.S. attorney. In 1997, Clinton elevated him to the No. 2 job in the Justice Department, and he briefly served as acting attorney general in the Bush administration while nominee John Ashcroft was being confirmed.


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