Obama Posse List (Richard Parsons)

PBO just completed his first press conference.  Standing behind him was a group of financial experts and business executives.  Among them was Time Warner Chair, Richard Parsons.  Parsons sits on many boards including Howard University’s Board of Trustees.  Traditionally a major contributor to republican candidates, Parsons does share a lil’ something special with Obama.  Like Obama’s parents, Parson’s attended the University of Hawaii.  After that, Union University’s Albany Law School.  So you see brothers and sisters, one doesn’t have to drop six-figures to have a successful legal career.  Like so many black attorneys, he got his start in government (Nelson Rockefeller was an early mentor) then moved on to a heftier paycheck in the private sector:  managing partner of Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dime Bancorp, Inc.  Full bio here.


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