Yolanda Young v. Covington & Burling LLP

black-powerMake no mistake about it, people.  THIS. IS. A. GREAT. COUNTRY!

For $120 you can pick up a stone and try to slay Goliath have your day in court.

Read Yolanda Young v. Covington here, but be patient; it’s long–37 pages for the actual complaint and 63 pages of corroborating emails, evaluations, etc.

Here’s an excerpt:

Plaintiff was hired by Covington in February 2005.  In January 2006, Plaintiff was awarded a top bonus of $9,000.  During her annual review she was told that her work was excellent, that associates and partners enjoyed working with her, and that her diligence and efficiency made her extremely valuable.  In March 2006, after being subjected to months of discriminatory and harassing treatment, plaintiff complained about, among other things, being referred to as a dog and later a monkey; being subjected to white staff attorneys’ constant use of racial slurs; having her white colleagues conceal case information from their black case team members; and being systematically discriminated against as a member of the staff attorney group.  Immediately thereafter, Covington management set out on a campaign to discredit Plaintiff.  At a staff meeting, a partner said that Plaintiff had overreacted in reporting the use of racial slurs.  As punishment, Plaintiff was reassigned to an office with no minorities.  Covington management further retaliated against Plaintiff by subjecting her to increased, unwarranted scrutiny, falsely accusing her of overbilling and commanding her to work off the clock. In February 2007, Plaintiff was given a low bonus of $5,000.  Plaintiff was told that she was being targeted for firing.  In fact, Plaintiff was terminated on August 14, 2007.  When Plaintiff learned that Covington rehired laid off staff attorneys with less seniority and lower billable hours than Plaintiff, she reapplied for her staff attorney position.  Covington did not rehire Plaintiff.  Subsequently, Plaintiff was contacted by a placement agency hired by Covington to recruit additional staff attorneys.  Covington still refuses to rehire Plaintiff. 


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