Friday Early Morning Reads

Here’s a list of some stories we bookmarked and we felt worth giving a read early this A.M.

In The Headlines
Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns Seat in Congress Citing Federal Probe {Businessweek}

Teen Charged as Adult in Killing of 2-year-old {WSB-TV}

Alan Dershowitz: The Chief Justice voted for Obamacare to Get ‘Street Cred’ {Business Insider}

Law School
Penn State’s two law campuses to become separate schools {The National Law Journal}

Law School Admission Testing Plunges {The NY Times}

Legal Profession
30 Lawyers Pick 30 Books Every Lawyer Should Read {The ABA Journal}

In Canada the Justicia Project aims to keep more women in the legal profession {The Vancouer Sun}

New Book on Thurgood Marshall Details Early Life {The Afro-American Newspapers}

NAACP LDF announces the appointment of new President & Director-Counsel {On Being a Black Lawyer}

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris: How the New Black Politician Will Take on 21st Century {PolicyMic}


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