Friday Early Reads

On Trayvon Martin
Shooter of unarmed Florida teen gets second lawyer {Reuters}

Trayvon Martin case: Inquiry into Stand Your Ground law launched in Florida {Christian Science Monitor}

Poll regarding Trayvon Martin’s killing shows racial divide {USA Today}


AG Eric Holder to 5th Circuit: We’re aware of Marbury v. Madison {Legal Times}

Obama sees an open shot with justices {AP}

Cases of Note

Texas Hospital Says Obese Job Applicants Need Not Apply {}

Court to Monitor Reporter Tweets to Enforce Twitter Ban in Murder Trial re Jennifer Hudson’s Family {ABA Journal}

Chicago club fires bartender over racist Facebook rant {Chicago Sun-Times}

Cleashindra Hall Case: Police To Search Larry Amos’ Home For Clues On Missing Arkansas Teen {AP}

Law Journal

The Northeastern University Law Journal hosts symposium “Pushed Too Far:The Evolving Legal Implications of School Bullying”


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